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Below are Republican candidates running in the November 3, 2020 General Election.

 Donald Trump/Mike Pence* President/Vice-President http://DonaldJTrump.com
 David Perdue  United States Senate https://perduesenate.com/
 Jason Shaw  Public Service Commissioner Post 1  https://www.shawforgeorgia.com/
 Lauren "Bubba" McDonald  Public Service Commissioner Post 4 bubbapsc@gmail.com
 Karen Handel  Congress, District 6 https://karenhandel.com/
 Barry Loudermilk  Congress, District 11 http://loudermilkforcongress.com/
 Becky E. Hites  Congress, District 13 https://hitesforcongress.com/
 Harrison Lance State Senate, District 6https://www.lanceforga.com/
 Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick State Senate, District 32https://senatorkaykirkpatrick.com/
 Lindsey Tippins State Senate, District 37https://tippinsforsenate.com/
 Bruce Thompson State Senate, District 14brucethompsonforsenate@gmail.com
 Bert Reeves State House, District 34http://www.bertreeves.com/
Ed Setzler State House, District 35https://edsetzler.com/
Ginny Ehrhart State House, District 36https://www.ginnyforgeorgia.com/
 Rose Wing State House, District 37https://www.rosewingforgeorgia.com/
 Jim Hickey State House, District 39hickey72@gmail.com
 Taryn Bowman State House, District 40https://bowmanforhouse.com/
 Stephen George State House, District 41stephenforgadistrict41@yahoo.com
Sharon Cooper State House, District 43http://www.sharoncooper.org/
 Don Parsons State House, District 44http://www.donparsons.org/
 Matt Dollar State House, District 45http://http//www.mattdollar.com
 John Carson State House, District 46https://www.votejohncarson.com/
 Mike Boyce  County Commission Chair https://www.likemike4cobb.com/
 Fitz Johnson **  County Commission District 2 https://friendsforfitz.com/
 Andy Smith **  County Commission District 2 http://andy4cobb.com/
 Randy Scamihorn  Cobb School Board Post 1 dscamihorn@bellsouth.net
 David Banks  Cobb School Board Post 5 (404) 725-3394
 Brad Wheeler  Cobb School Board Post 7 bradfordwheeler@aol.com
 Neil Warren  Sheriff  https://www.neilwarrenforsheriff.org/
 Donald L. Perryman  Surveyor  N/A
 Carla Jackson  Tax Commissioner  https://www.carlaforcobb.com/

* Will officially be the Nominees after the 2020 Republican National Convention

** To be determined in the August 11 runoff.

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