Chairman's Corner: Locking up our elections

Monday, March 29, 2021 10:26 PM | Anonymous member

Chairman's Corner

by Jason Shepherd

We put locks on our doors to keep what we value safe and secure. With just a little bit of security, we protect our property, our loved ones, and our possessions from those who want to take them from us. 

Recently, Georgia Republicans passed Senate Bill 202, legislation designed to provide a little bit of security to protect one thing Georgians, and all Americans, value...our right to vote in fair and secure elections, no matter your party, your race, your religion, or your ethnicity. 

The 2020 election revealed numerous security problems in the way elections are administered in Georgia, threatening every valid vote cast. 

Georgia Republicans are fighting to protect EVERY legal vote. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, or independent, you deserve to know when you cast your vote, it is SECURE and it will be COUNTED.

Democrats are attacking the law. Along with their allies in the media, they are falsely calling it "Jim Crow 2.0" and "voter suppression." 

But Democrats complain about election integrity for the same reason thieves complain about door locks. 

You would think that Democrats would be the experts on Jim Crow...after all, they were the authors of the Jim Crow laws, but there is nothing nothing of the old, Democratic Jim Crow in today's election security legislation.

To help you fight against the Democrats' false and misinformation campaign, here's some facts on Georgia's new Election Security law;

1. Just like when you vote in person, the new law requires photo ID to be included with any application for an absentee ballot, sunsetting the ridiculous signature verification process, so no one can steal your ballot, and your vote, by claiming they are you. No voter suppression there.

2. Added drop boxes for absentee ballots into Georgia law. Technically, outside the COVID emergency order, they are ILLEGAL. Now they won't be and will be in voting locations and open during regular voting hours where they can monitored by poll workers and Republican, Libertarian, and Democratic poll watchers.

3. Authorizes a Superior Court judge to keep the polls open past 7:00 PM if there were issues at a voting precinct. Definitely no suppression there!  

4. Added a second Saturday for early voting. Before Senate Bill 202, counties only had to have one Saturday of early voting. Now the law says they have to have two. Counties can choose for themselves if they want Sunday voting. I've never heard having more weekend days to vote being considered "voter suppression," have you?

5. Tired of waiting in long lines year after year because your Democratic run county can't seem to figure out how to run elections? The new law allows the State Board of Elections to step in and fix the problems so you won't have to wait in hours-long lines to vote anymore. To me, that seems to make voting easier, not harder.

6. Finally, it strengthens the 150 foot politics-free safe zone where only voters and election workers are allowed so no one will harass you while waiting in line to vote. And despite claims by the Democrats, you will still be able to bring your bottle of water with you when you vote.

The new law has other measures designed to protect your right to vote, and to make sure when you vote in Georgia, you can have full confidence your vote will count. 

We lock our doors to protect what we care most about. Our Georgia legislature and Governor Kemp have added new locks to protect and secure our right to vote. 

I encourage you to join me in thanking our elected officials for working to secure the vote for everyone in Georgia. 

Visit to find your legislator and call Governor Kemp at 404-656-1776 to thank them for securing and protecting every Georgian's right to a fair and secure election.

Yours in Freedom,


Jason Shepherd

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

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