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Friday, August 06, 2021 10:22 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Liberty with a side of Grace

By: Cobb County Republican Party Chair, Salleigh Grubbs

“Ordinary people, acting in extraordinary circumstance, can accomplish remarkable things”.

Dear Cobb County Republicans,

July was a very busy month for Cobb GOP and August is going to be the same! Let’s recap what all we have accomplished and what is coming up in August. We have a huge success under our belts in our House District 34 election that Devan Seabaugh won in a landslide! What a wonderful example of how Cobb Republicans are all about WINNING, as was proven by our ground game in getting voters to the polls in Cobb! Great job and kudos to all our GOP volunteers who knocked on doors, made phone calls, waved signs, and showed up. We rocked it for our new House District Representative, Devan Seabaugh! Devan is already hard at work for Cobb County – and I’m so proud to call him a friend. Cobb GOP, in conjunction with our partners, Cobb County Republican Women’s Club, Greater Georgia and the Georgia GOP brought in a landslide win and we couldn’t be more proud of the execution of our plan. This election shows that by having a solid strategy and working together, we will make a difference in every single election in 2022. We can assure every candidate and every voter that we will do all in our power to make sure that we return a Cobb County majority BACK TO RED! There will be no seat that goes uncontested and losing isn’t an option! As a new Cobb County GOP Chairwoman I consider this win a huge success and testimony to our sound strategy to take back our majority for the Cobb Legislative Delegation, hold our two seats on the Cobb Board of Commissioners and maintain our majority on the school board in 2022. I couldn’t be prouder of all of you and our Party!

Cobb GOP hosted a dynamic, informative, and sometimes shocking presentation by Rhonda Thomas, President of Truth in Education on the dangers of SEL and CRT. We had a sold-out crowd, and we want to thank Audrey Neu for spearheading this great event.

I was privileged to speak at the Georgia Teen Republican Convention, headed by Cooper Jacks, Chairman of TYR. The line- up of speakers consisted of an all-star group of candidates and Conservative super star Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene: Cobb County is blessed with so many wonderful candidates and Cobb GOP is honored to represent these great conservatives who are focused on Republican values and winning for Georgia!

Dr. Kandiss Taylor, for Governor

Senator Bruce Thompson, for Labor Commissioner

TJ Hudson, for Secretary of State

Jake Evans, for the 6th District Congressional District

Harold Earls, for the 6th District Congressional District

Dr. Rich McCormick, for the 7th Congressional District

Latham Saddler, for US Senate

Kelvin King, for US Senate

The 6th District had a district meeting, spearheaded by the new Chair of the 6th District, Nate Porter. Nate did a stellar job of laying out his plans for the 6th District heading into 2022.

Tuesday evening on August 3rd , Cobb GOP hosted a panel of seasoned veterans and former Commissioner, District 2, Bob Ott who spoke on how to hold elected officials accountable; debuting our Cobb GOP Accountability Task Force. Christine Rozman was the brainchild behind ABC-123 - Local Politics Unraveled, she did a fantastic job organizing this event and will be the Team Lead over this project. The Accountability Task Force will be broken into select groups that will be active in local meetings, to include the Board of Commissioners, Planning and Zoning, Election Board and Cobb County School Board. Our voices must be heard, our elected officials will be held accountable, and we must be informed and ready to combat what we have facing us today. We encourage everyone who is willing to stand up for Conservative values to participate, by becoming an EFFECTIVE, INFORMED advocate for Cobb. We will be holding monthly meetings. We learned from our panel that preparation and research is the key ingredient. If you want more information, please reach out to me and I’ll be sure you’re connected to the right people.

I’m proud to say that the Cobb County Republican Party membership has grown by 30% since the County Convention on April 17th! Our VC of membership, Catherine Floam hit the ground running and she hasn’t stopped! This growth is so exciting and speaks volumes for the people who are willing and ready to stand up for Cobb County and our Party. Due to the additional members and consistent sold out crowds at our monthly breakfast, we are hosting the August breakfast at Roswell Street Baptist Church across the street from the GOP HQ. The move allows us to easily accommodate more folks for this special event. We are honored to present our special guest speaker, a true Patriot and Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is hard at work not only for the 14th District, but for all conservatives across America. We appreciate her unwavering dedication and commitment to preserving and protecting our Constitutional Rights and our Freedom. You won’t want to miss this breakfast; Get your tickets now before we sell out!

On Monday, August 9th, the 11th District, led by Chairman Brad Carver, will meet to finalize plans for the 11th District Marksmanship Event at Governor’s Gun Club. It’s an event you won’t want to miss. More to come on that event.

August 28th, the Cobb GOP is proud to host a Voter Registration Event, with Kim Klacik, former candidate for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. We will be registering voters in the South Cobb area, at the Austell Farmer’s Market on Austell Road. We will also be handing out school supplies so come on by, meet Kim and if you want to work the event and lend a hand please contact Debbie Fisher VC of grassroots!

Lastly, I recently was privileged to speak along with Exhibition Sponsor, Senator Kay Kirkpatrick and GA 6th Candidate, Suzi Voyles at the Art of Zhen Shan Ren, International Art Exhibition at the Sloppy Floyd, Veteran's Memorial Building in downtown Atlanta. The Artist's work commemorates an inner spiritual life and human rights tragedy committed against the Falun Gong practitioners.

Years ago, I watched the people representing Falun Gong walk in the Cobb County July 4th Parade. I was intrigued how they presented themselves, without fanfare, music or floats - just beautiful people quietly walking together in formation down Roswell Street.

After the parade, I went home and researched the organization. They are rooted in Buddhist principles, and they practice Truth, Compassion and Forbearance; these people are imprisoned, persecuted, and often killed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They are being abused in the most horrific ways. It is believed that Practitioners from Falun Gong are possibly being used for involuntary organ harvesting, and at times, live organ harvesting. It is inconceivable that these human atrocities still exist in the year 2021. As a Christian, and as an American, I am terrified that any group could be targeted by their own government today, specifically for their spiritual beliefs and practices. It is not inconceivable that this could happen in America if we don't stand up and speak out about our religious rights!

For this reason, after a conversation with Joan Wang of The Epoch Times, I have agreed to Cobb GOP hosting the art exhibition in Cobb County. It is particularly important that people know how these peaceful, loving people are being subjected to horrors, inflicted by the CCP. Should this forward-moving, swift progression of anti-Christian sentiment continue in America, we must wake up and be hypersensitive to what a Communist controlled Government is willing to do to people with religious beliefs, who challenge the communist control. We constantly hear horror stories from our friends in Cuba, Venezuela, China, and multiple countries in Africa about religious persecution- but are we getting it yet? Are we really hearing them? Are we brave enough to expose these atrocities by sharing this information with others?

The event will be held at the Cobb GOP Headquarters; doors will open at 10:30am, at the conclusion of the August 14th Breakfast. We encourage everyone to make time to come experience and appreciate the artwork that depicts the spirituality, quest for morality and struggles of the Falun Gong - It is a very moving experience that you do not want to miss.




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