What does 'GRASSROOTS' mean to you?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 4:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What does ‘GRASSROOTS’ mean to you?

Politically speaking, we often hear about “the grassroots”.  It’s a catchphrase with beginnings dating back to the early 1900’s.  In the past 125 years, American grassroots were greatly responsible in creating monumental legislation.  It helped give women and African Americans the right to vote, it created the civil rights and fair housing movement, it provided protections for our land, air, and water.  It was public opinion and grassroots movements that changed wrongs into rights. Unfortunately, today, due to a lack of Republican grassroot mobilization, many laws are being enacted to placate partisan, identity politics while we remained silent.

Webster’s says the following:

              grass roots noun, plural in form but singular or plural in construction

Definition of grass roots (Entry 2 of 2)

  • 1.       : the very foundation or source
    //You must attack the problem at the grass roots.
  • 2.       : the basic level of society or of an organization especially as viewed in relation
    to higher or more centralized positions of power
    //was losing touch with the party’s grass roots

Another definition refers to grassroots as being:

noun (used with a singular or plural verb) Also grass roots.

the common or ordinary people, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite of a political party, social organization, etc., the rank and file.

the agricultural and rural areas of a country.

the people inhabiting these areas, especially as a political, social, or economic group.

the origin or basis of something; the basic or primary concept, rule, part, or the like.

When thinking of “grassroots”, do you think of roots as the foundation?  It is common knowledge that trees with shallow roots tend to sway with the wind and fall at the first stiff wind or storm.  But having deep roots, allows a plants and people to stay firmly grounded, withstanding the storms, the winds, the floods, and the rains.  This same reference holds true for the political grassroots, as they are the foundation of the party.  Those who, “…after having done all – to stand” Ephesians 6

We also have the political elite; those who make a lifetime career out of politics.  These politicians create the laws, far too often to benefit special interest or even themselves.   It was never meant to be that way.  The laws should be written for, “We the People”, and most often are when the grassroots get involved.  Over time, we have allowed special interests to take over; we have given them the power over us through our complacency, ignorance, and apathy! 

As respectful, law-abiding Republicans, have we forgotten that it is OUR voices that need to be heard, not those of the elitists and special interests?  Our complacency led us to be indoctrinated with the liberal mindset that has infiltrated every facet of our culture!  It is past time for the grassroots to unite – to plant the seeds that become firmly rooted, deep into our foundational beliefs. In order to protect America, we must propagate a culture that can withstand the storms.

Did you know that during the times leading up to the war for independence from Great Britain, John Adams remarked that one-third of the colonists were for the war, one-third were against it and one-third were neutral?  It took the Boston Massacre to wake people up.  It was brave men like John Adams, who were part of the grassroots of Boston, who educated the people on the dangers of the growing British stranglehold on the new colony.  Without igniting the grassroots, America would not have become the greatest, free Nation on Earth!

We the People are the grassroots, we are the modern day, John Adams.  We are the foundation of the Republican Party and we have not only the right but the DUTY to be involved.  The attacks on our God given and Constitutional freedoms, have been allowed to penetrate our lives and take away our freedom because we have not firmly planted our seeds to grow OUR principles, that we so strongly claim we are aligned.   We must be united; we must stand strong to withstand the heavy winds!  We must BE THE STORM, creating a “red wave” tsunami, to WIN every race and take back our Country in November of 2022.  We have a heavy load to carry and much work before us.  Let us all do our part, no matter how big or small, get involved, plant the seeds, and give whatever you can.  Let’s grow the Republican Grassroots movement together to protect and defend our Republic.

- Salliegh Grubbs

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