Chairman's Corner - Cobb Democrats' death-wish fantasy

Monday, August 10, 2020 10:48 PM | Anonymous

A little more than a week ago, the Cobb County Republican Party held its first in-person breakfast since March hosting Congressman Doug Collins. The breakfast was much different than the previous breakfasts as the pandemic required us to take several precautions:

  1. We limited the breakfast to only those who pre-purchased tickets.
  2. We set the number of tickets at 60, less than half the number of attendees we normally have at the breakfast.
  3. We set registration up outside the building and took temperatures at the door.
  4. Everyone was instructed to wear a mask unless they were eating or drinking or were at least social-distanced 6 feet away.
  5. All servers wore masks and gloves.
  6. Table seating was cut from eight to five seats per table.
  7. Hand sanitizer sponsored by Karen Handel was placed at each table.

These instructions were also restated by me from the podium when the breakfast was graveled to order.

To allow others to participate remotely, we also live-streamed the breakfast over our Facebook page. As of today, that video broadcast has reached nearly 3,000 people.

Shortly after the breakfast concluded, the Chair of the Cobb County Democratic Party posted on her Facebook wall:

While her initial juvenile comment was snarky and easily dismissed, the unhinged responses that unfolded in the comments afterward show the gross levels of depravity that exist among the Democratic activists and leadership as the comments turned towards openly fantasizing about the deaths of Karen Handel and members of the Cobb GOP from COVID-19.

In her unwinding death-wish fantasy, the Cobb Democratic Chair noted that it was “Darwin’s Theory in action. You know, science.”

Shanita Wilkerson Bryant, a Democratic candidate for Peach County Commissioner joined in the hate-fest wishing, “Natural selection is going to have a field day…”

It didn’t stop there as the Cobb Democratic Party doubled down, taking to their official Facebook page to post: “Two days after Herman Cain passes away from COVID, the Cobb GOP hosts a super-spreader event. They do not care. Vote Democrat, November 3 up and down the ballot. Your very life depends on it.

As the Democratic Party, both in Cobb and across the nation, continues to stand behind the mob protests, whether supporting the radical and Marxist Black Lives Matter organization, the “Defund the Police” movement, CHAZ, and any number of protests, street occupations, or riots where social-distancing and COVID are deemed much less of a concern that the cause being fought, they jump on any opportunity to condemn and indict any gathering of regular Americans.

Even the Cobb Democrats have posted photos proudly showing fists raised as individuals stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and without masks, against the perceived “injustices” of the day.

But this left-winged hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed. Writing on, Tina Nguyen noted in her article, “Conservatives charge liberals with social-distancing hypocrisy,” that conservatives have observed the do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do attitude of the left.

Quoting Stephen L. Miller, a conservative media critic and contributor to The Spectator, Nguyen writes, “Conservatives ‘are upset at the political leaders who think protesting and mass gatherings are more important suddenly than being able to feed your family or keep your business open.’”

More so, while the Cobb Democrats were eager to invoke the name of the recently deceased Herman Cain while openly hoping the Cobb Republicans would follow his path, nothing was said about the packed pews at the funeral for Cong. John Lewis. While the Cobb Democrats chided the Cobb GOP about the few Members of Congress who had recently been quarantined due to testing positive for COVID while wondering if Cong. Doug Collins was now spreading it across Cobb during the hour and half breakfast, nothing was said about the Members of Congress who sat through the four hour long service for John Lewis. 

As Boris Epshteyn, the strategic advisor for coalitions on the Trump 2020 campaign noted in Newsweek, “Viruses don't discriminate based on politics, but many Democratic governors and mayors sure seem to do so.

It would seem that the sentiment has also filtered down to the Democratic Party leaders and activists as well, but they look at COVID with hope in their eyes…hope that it will strike down their enemies like some judgment from whatever Higher Power they don’t believe in. Hoping for illness and death to their political rivals is nothing new among the left. We already see the resurrection of the Italian Brown shirts in ANTIFA, now the leadership supported para-military wing of the Democratic Party, so why should it be any shock that the leader of the Cobb Democratic Party would fantasize about Karen Handel and the members of the Cobb GOP becoming sick and dying? Of course, she can do that because there are no consequences for left-winged hate speech.

In 2017, former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes barely made news when he replied to a tweet hoping a photo of Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, and Paul Ryan in the Oval Office with President Trump would be used alongside their obits. Contrast that to the dozens of victims of the leftist cancel-culture who have been drummed out of the jobs, their companies, schools, and careers for saying, tweeting, or posting far less.

While the leadership of the Democratic Party here in Cobb were open and upfront in their ill-wishes, what is even more disappointing is the lack of condemnation from the Cobb’s Democratic elected officials or candidates. Throughout this year, we are told by the left and their allies in the media that “silence equals consent.” The slogan is supposed to indict anyone who does not agree with their version of society’s ills and how those ills are to be corrected, usually by implementing Socialism. As they see it, if you are silent about defunding the police, then you obviously support illegal police brutality.

However, to the Cobb’s Democratic elected officials, apparently silence does not mean they wish illness and death on the GOP, but shouldn’t they be held to the same standard they claim for others? Of course, maybe they do share their leadership’s sentiments and they are silent in support. We will never know because, unlike Republicans, the media will never question them on it for fear of showing any division in the Democratic Party.

For a political party that is so offended by everything they are even horrified by “microaggressions,” to make such a bold and callused statement, especially after the death of Herman Cain, who was high risk because of underlying health issues, and many others shows a complete lack of awareness or introspection by the Democratic Party Chair resulting in her posting and comments that looked more like mad, spittle-flecked rage than anything like sound or rational political discourse. Then doubling down by claiming that voters need to vote Democratic in November because “their very lives depend on it” shows a dangerous level of unhinged rage that could inflame real violence, which the left constantly accuse Donald Trump and Republicans of doing.

It is the type of rhetoric that lead to the near fatal shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise during an attack that our Congressman, Barry Loudermilk, also came under fire from the deranged left-winged gunman.

In the end, the Cobb (and national) Democrats have forgotten the lesson of the fable about the boy who cried “wolf.” The first few times the boy cried “wolf,” the town people came rushing to aid him. When the people realized it was a hoax, they finally wised-up refused to come when the boy called.

Voters have wised-up to the Democrats and their hyperventilating and shrieking that the “end is nigh” if Republicans win. When Democrats are losing, they always revert to their “vote or die” rhetoric trying to scare voters to the polls. However, none of the terrible predictions about Donald Trump that the Democrats have espoused over the last four years have come to pass.

Americans, at least Americans who do not live in cities and states run by Democrats, are freer in Donald Trump’s America and more prosperous. And even those hit the hardest by the pandemic induced recession will see Donald Trump as the candidate best suited to bring America back to prosperity and opportunity.

All the Democrats can hope for is their fantasies about their opponents coming true. Meanwhile, Republicans will hope for a brighter future for all when this pandemic is finally over, a brighter future even for Democrats. 

Yours in Freedom,


Jason Shepherd

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

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