Chairman's Corner - Voters' Mandate

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 10:05 PM | Deleted user

Last week Cobb County Commission Chairman Mike Boyce made some unfortunate comments about the Cobb County GOP to the Marietta Daily Journal . I spoke with the Chairman on the day after the election and several times since his comments appeared. Mike Boyce has expressed nothing about admiration and faith in the leadership of our County Party, even as he privately (now publicly) expressed frustration with allied organizations which did not support him.

The Republican voters of Cobb County let their voices be heard as to who our nominees should be. As leaders of the Republican Party, we must respect the mandate placed on us by the voters and support our nominees. The only purpose of the Republican Party is to get our nominees elected once our voters select them.

I freely admit, I did not support Donald Trump in the primary, but the second he became our nominee, I was 110% with Donald Trump, because the voters of my party had spoken, and I chastised those Republicans who thought their opinion was more consequential than the will of those thousands of voters who went out and voted for Donald Trump. I'm still having to fight the few "Never Trumpers" who are still out there because this November, every vote will count.

This November isn't a decision between two Democrats like many in our Cobb GOP like to claim. The consequences of having a Democratic Commission Chair would be catastrophic to our county government. You cannot just look at the policies the Chair can advance, but also the appointment and hiring decisions the Chair has to place and replace county leaders with those who do not share our beliefs. Coupled with a tough election to hold Bob Ott's seat, we need to fight for every position to maintain the good government we have enjoyed as Cobb County residents.

We can see on our televisions and social media the type of leadership that progressive, Democratic government brings. Even if I disagree with the Chairman's tax policy, under his leadership, I'm not worried that anarchists will take over sections of Cobb County and declare those areas "independent zones" like has happened in Seattle. I also don't have to worry about Chairman Boyce wanting to "DEFUND THE POLICE," when he has consistently advocated for more police pay.

What's more, even if we disagree with a policy that one of our Republican elected officials advocates for, we at least are able to have a seat at the table and a more willing ear to listen to our concerns than we would with a Democrat who is likely not to even give a Republican a seat at the table.

If you think a Democratic lead county commission would care about the voices of Republican voters, just look at the contempt we see from Cobb School Board members Davis and Howard towards the Republicans on the Cobb County School Board.

Having a Democratic majority on the Cobb County Commission becomes a real possibility this year, unless we work together and fight for every vote. If you're saying "we can always get it back in four years," then maybe you have noticed elections are getting harder, not easier in Cobb County.

By the end of this or early next week, Chairman Boyce and I will be issuing a joint statement of support to move us forward towards the tough battle ahead. We are fortunate to have a Marine Colonel, who understands the battle we are about to face as our nominee.

If we want to keep the community we so enjoy living in, the community that has made so many people want to move here to enjoy, but who now seem to want to vote to change it into Seattle or Minneapolis, we have to come together behind our nominees.

The voters of Cobb County have made their decision and their voice was clear and unambiguous. It is our duty as Republican leaders to honor their decision...just like we did when they chose Donald Trump.

Yours in Freedom,


Jason Shepherd

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

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