Chairman's Corner - Cobb's lead Dems justify candidate's profanity-laden tirade

Monday, May 25, 2020 9:15 PM | Anonymous

ICYMI, while the AJC was obsessing about Sheriff Warren's Annual Corn Boilin', one of his potential challengers running in the Democratic Primary had a campaign implosion thanks to the real journalism over at the Marietta Daily Journal .

James "Jimmy" Herndon, who you may have remembered tried unsuccessfully to have all of his opponents removed from the ballot, served a number of years as a Cobb Sheriff Deputy before he was terminated from the Sheriff's Department.

The MDJ, through an open records request, obtained body cam video of one incident that led to Herndon's suspension, one of three incidents that led to his eventual termination, according to the MDJ.

The body cam video shows Herndon unleashing a profanity-laden tirade while serving an eviction warrant.

If Herndon was little more than an "also-ran", then it may not matter, but Herndon's candidacy has obtained the backing from a number of key Cobb County Democrats.

Below are the endorsements from Cobb School Board Members Dr. Jaha Howard and Charisse Davis.

Despite the new evidence of Herndon's tirade, neither school board member has felt inclined to pull their endorsement.

Caroline Holko, the Democrat running in House District 46 against John Carson felt so strongly about her endorsement of Herndon, that she posted a 16 minute long video justifying it, even in light of the new evidence against Herndon. You can watch it below.

While neither Howard or Davis seem to have felt the need to justify themselves, Howard was quick to change the subject. It's good to know if we had just put the response to the pandemic in his hands, so many lives would have been saved.

So many self-proclaimed "leaders" on the left, like Dr. Jaha Howard, would rather throw shade on those standing on the front lines, and wave the bloody shirt to make political fodder of those who are suffering, all the while blindly standing beside one of their own party's candidates and ignoring their outrageous behavior.

That's exactly the reason politics turns so many people off.

Yours in Freedom,


Jason Shepherd

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

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