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  • Monday, February 17, 2020 10:40 PM | Anonymous

    This Saturday, the road to the 2020 Republican National Convention begins!

    Watch this video to know what to expect at the 2020 Precinct Caucus. If you are registered to vote in Cobb County and haven't pre-registered for the Precinct Caucus, you must do so by WEDNESDAY!

    You can still register at the door.

    Scroll down for more details.

    What to Expect at the 2020 Georgia Republican Precinct Caucus

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Monday, February 10, 2020 11:42 PM | Anonymous

    This week I was at a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) seminar where the topic for the seminar was voting and election law. Any pretense of the event presenting a neutral view was quickly dashed by the first lecture, given by Emmet Bondurant, who is among other things the lead counsel for Common Cause, one of those organizations that claims to be non-partisan, but tends to only be led by progressives.

    Bondurant noted that Georgia is the most partisan gerrymandered state in the nation (not California, Maryland, Illinois, New York, or North Carolina) with the only evidence presented being the fact that in 2016, 80% of legislative incumbents faced no general election opposition.

    Never mind that other considerations like incumbency and the financial advantages and name ID that brings may be a factor, or that people of similar political thinking tend to live by others with similar political thinking.

    But this Chairman's Corner isn't about the biased information presented in that, or any of the other lectures. It's about something sadly far more troubling.

    After the lecture I was getting coffee when I heard another attorney behind me talking with Mr. Bondurant. The man, likely in his late 50's to mid-60's asked Bondruant if he thought there would even be a 2022 election if Donald Trump was re-elected.

    Maybe it was the nearly 2 hour drive in the rain that morning to get to Emory's Law School by 8 am or the fact I had to bite my tongue during Mr. Bondurant's talk, but I couldn't let that level of malarkey go without butting in, to which I turned, looked squarely at him and simply said, "Really?"

    He double-downed his assertion with the progressive's favorite go-to, and claimed it was so because Trump is a "fascist."

    To which I replied, "So he's just like those people who put my great, great uncle in Auschwitz and gassed him to death?"

    He tried to protest, and I said I don't discuss things with illogical and irrational people and he was too old and too educated to state such ridiculous things.

    Sadly though, he is not the only one who believes the fairy tales the left has spun about Donald Trump. To be fair, they are not much different than one's I heard on the right during the last presidency, including questions as to whether or not Obama would relinquish the office to Trump. Maybe in Georgia we are a little skittish. After all, Gov. Ellis Arnall didn't hand over the office after his term had expired during Georgia's " three governors controversy ," however, as much skepticism the right had about the President who reminded Congress he had a "phone and a pen" and bypass them with both (and why wasn’t that abuse of power impeachable), what was not as prevalent on the right was the vitriol that the left has fomented against Donald Trump and those of us on the right.

    The last election was full or stories about GOP headquarters being vandalized and volunteers being attacked by progressives. Even our own Cobb GOP HQ had someone call and say how bad it would be if we found ourselves down range and just last year, our own Carolyn Meadows had to have extra sheriff deputies patrol her house because of threats from the “tolerant” left.

    If you thought this was going away any time soon, it’s now an election year and things are looking to get worse. Just this Saturday, volunteers from the Duval County, Florida (Jacksonville) Republican Party were allegedly nearly run down by 27-year-old Greg Timm while holding a voter registration drive. Luckily, no one was injured and by the end of the weekend, the end of the weekend, Timm was in jail on $500,000 bond .

    However, as with any terrorism, and violence designed to achieve a political end is terrorism, Duval County GOP Chairman Dean Black told the press in a statement that the Duval County GOP would not be deterred. Black stated,  The Republican Party of Duval County will not be intimidated by these cowards and we will not be silenced. I call on every Republican in our great city to stand up, get involved, and show these radicals that we will not be intimidated from exercising our Constitutional rights. 

    I know every Republican volunteer in Cobb County, Georgia would feel the same way.

    The stakes this election are too high to sit on the sidelines. They are too high to say we can live with a Democrat because we just don’t like the Republican. They are too high not to look at the bottom of the ballot with as much passion as the top of the ballot.

    And if you’re not willing to be intimidated into silence by a punk kid (or a 60+ year old lawyer), then there is nothing out there too scary to face to win in November!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Monday, February 03, 2020 2:45 PM | Anonymous

    Yesterday was Groundhog Day. Apparently Speaker Nancy Pelosi emerged from her office at the Capitol and didn't see her shadow singling an early impeachment acquittal.

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Monday, January 27, 2020 9:45 PM | Anonymous

    The left and the liberal media hit a new low this week (was that even possible?) in a way that should make any right thinking (and logical) person exclaim: BEAM ME UP!!!

    The mainstream media, social media, and the Twitterverse were all in upheaval because this week the Administration unveiled the new logo for the United States Space Force. Critics of the President, who must assume that he is also a graphic designer, immediately started to accuse him of ripping off the logo for Star Trek.

    The Washington Post boldly proclaimed in its headlines: Trump reveals Space Force logo, and ‘Star Trek’ fans aren’t happy

    NPR said in its headline that the logo "Incited 'Star Trek' Fan Outrage"!


    Even Star Trek cast member and left-winged activist George Takei Tweeted he expected royalties from the new emblem .

    The problem with all of these attacks, like so many by the media and left, is none of it's true.

    National Security expert Joe Noonan took to Twitter himself to note that the new logo looked a lot like the shield logo for the United States Space Command, which was established in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan.

    "For those excitedly tweeting that Trump stole the Star Trek logo!!!!, the patch on the left was the existing Air Force Command logo."

    While some media reports did note that the new logo was more likely a modification of the Space Command logo, they pushed it aside basically claiming that Reagan ripped off Star Trek too.

    However, no one seemed too concerned about asking where did the Star Fleet logo come from in the first place?

    Star Trek premiered on NBC in 1966. The US and USSR were locked in a space race and the U.S. was trying to fulfill President John F. Kennedy's desire to land a man safely on the moon and return him back to Earth. That program, the Apollo Program, began in 1962.

    Its patch looks strikingly similar to the Star Fleet logo.

    Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was a veteran who flew 89 combat missions during WWII. He had a love for aviation and the United States Space Program. The original name for the Enterprise was going to be the S.S. Yorktown, named for the aircraft carrier sunk at the Battle of Midway. Roddenberry drew inspiration from NASA, including inspiration for the Star Trek logo.

    But in the end, the final design for the Space Force drew its inspiration from several existing government logos:

    As usual, the media in its rush to bash the President has completely mischaracterized the efforts of the administration.

    This week saw the passing of journalist Jim Lehrer at the age of 85. Lehrer had penned several " Rules of Journalism . " The first three seem to fall on deaf ears for today's mainstream media:

    1. Do nothing I cannot defend.
    2. Do not distort, lie, slant, or hype.
    3. Do not falsify facts or make up quotes.

    If this week's manufacturer controversy is any indication, I doubt you will find too many members of the modern press who still hold fast to Lehrer's words.

    Scotty, beam me up!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Monday, January 20, 2020 8:52 PM | Anonymous

    This week we stop and focus on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For the second year in a row, the Cobb Republican Party sponsored a table at the Cobb Ministerial Alliance's (CMA) Martin Luther King, Jr. Gala. We had no idea what an overwhelming response we would have and have to give a shout-out to the Metro Area Republicans for filling three additional tables with Republicans.

    Additionally, as a point of pride for our Party, we got to watch as Cobb Young Republican Chair DeAnna Harris stood at the podium to introduce Kelvin King, an active part of our County Party and the recipient of the Pacesetter award.

    In the end, Pastor Sherman Scott, the head of the CMA, talked about unity, which was the heart and soul King's message. He spoke about how proud he was to have a room full of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, and how his organization would be working with all organizations to educate voters.

    Dr. King's dream was that one day, his four little children will live, "in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

    King's legacy was on full display in that Marriott Ball Room last night, but is it on display in anywhere else in politics? I wrote most of what I am saying below last year, but it's sadly all to still relevant, especially in light of the Democratic members of the Cobb School Board who can all see the color of one's skin, not the content of the character, and are judged by their colleague on their character alone, but they only believe it's because of skin color.

    Today we seem as far away from that dream as our nation was when Dr. King spoke those words over 56 years ago in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington. Many who would claim the mantel of Dr. King and claim to be among his disciples do not seem interested in that day. They may bring it up in speeches and interviews, they might write it in essays and op-eds, but their actions speak louder than their words. 

    The left continues to use race as a divider and, in the name of social justice, attack minorities who believe in conservative values as somehow being "traitors" to their ethnicity. It is a concept that flies in the face not only of Dr. King's speech, but in the face of the very concept of who we are as Americans.

    Embodied in a statement like, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is the essence of Dr. King's dream.

    How can we be equal when we are judged solely on the color of the skin, a trait that is not chosen by us, but chosen for us when we were conceived, and not the content of our character?

    Dr. King's statement truly resounds more on the right, which holds as its precipice the ideal of "the individual." Republicans go further as we speak of "rugged individualism" as central to the values and platform of the Party. In that regard, we must hold the idea that an individual must be judged by who they are as an individual defined by their character, not by their group or national origin or ethnicity or race.

    My colleague in Gwinnett County, Chairman Edward Muldrow is black. He writes in an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution , " Historically, Black people have been conservatives. We hold strong family values, have an undeniable faith in God, and we believe in hard work. The Second Amendment serves to allow us protection, and today’s conservatives refuse to let us forget that the Republican Party freed Blacks from enslavement. The problem is that, on all sides, they want black people to be monolithic."

    If we are created equal, then none of what is part of our creation can be considered unequal to anyone else's creation. In the eyes of our republican constitutional system, we are all equal, just as we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator.

    It is for these beliefs that Republicans are call "racists."

    You see, for too many Democrats, they do not want to judge an individual by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin (or gender, or sexual orientation, or natural origin). 

    "Diversity" has taken the place of "rugged individualism" as the highest goal and the greatest morality. The goal then becomes making sure groups are represented by checking off boxes in the ultimate triumph of the superficial.  

    Muldrow makes that point as well as he continues to write in his op-ed, "Dr. King’s message of unity was not unity by forsaking individuality. It was quite the opposite. Dr. King recognized there is diversity in unity. Part of his message was that we should live in a place where we would not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. Dr. King recognized there is uniqueness in unity. Individual character, individual experiences and individual thoughts should be the core that unifies us."

    This is possible in our society because people understand the value of true diversity in achieving success. We learn more and understand more when we surround ourselves with those who have had different experiences, come from different backgrounds, and provide different perspectives. But that kind of diversity is still a diversity based on the content of one's character, and not simply the color of one's skin. The best teams do not look at the outside,but what's inside. Talent, character, drive, competence, and devotion do not come from the outside, but the inside.  

    In the end, it is not diversity, but division that is created. That division is used to set those who should be joined together with a common creed, into disunity. We become Balkinized based on the lines and the result is a house divided against itself cannot stand.  

    However, the answer to the dream lies in the very speech itself. Dr. King concluded it with the words, "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last." 

    The triumph of the individual is also the triumph of freedom. We know that while the Creator created us as equal, man has since made that creation unequal. It is when we are unshackled from man's division of the Creator's order, then our natural state is made whole and that is a state of freedom.

    Speaking in West Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate in 1987, Ronald Reagan noted, "Freedom leads to prosperity. Freedom replaces the ancient hatreds among the nations with comity and peace. Freedom is the victor."

    That is not to say we do not have those in our party who speak counter to that, but the obsession of our party as a whole is not one bound in the color of one's skin, but the content of one's character. For the Democrats, that is not the case. That is why they can without a moments hesitation call the right "racist" for not being focused on the color of one's skin, while they do not see themselves as such for focusing only on that.

    They see a couple of bad actors and label the group, because they have forgotten the dream and still, like Democrats in 1963, judge people on the color of the skin, not the content of the character.  

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Friday, January 17, 2020 11:56 PM | Anonymous

    Although we do not often send out of full email blast in the mid-week, with so many time-sensitive events coming up over the next few days, we wanted to make sure you were aware of them.

    First, you will not below that we have added a "Trump Victory" section to the newsletter. This section will keep you abreast over the coming months of the efforts to help re-elect Donald Trump President of the United States, so that you can be a part of these efforts, if you would like. The Trump Victory team has two events coming up as soon as tomorrow, Saturday morning.

    Second, today is the last day to take advantage of the "early bird" online registration discount for the GRA's 3rd Annual President's Dinner, being held at the Adventure Outdoors on this coming Tuesday evening, January 21st.

    The Franklin Roundtable has two interesting talks taking place at the Cobb GOP Headquarters Monday evening, January 20th, and GRTL is hosting their annual "March for Life" rally at the state capitol on Wednesday, the 22nd — and the Trump Victory team will be doing a voter registration push at that event.

    There are many more exciting events in store over the next few weeks listed here as well. We appreciate all of you who are active in our community to promote these for the success of our party.

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Monday, January 06, 2020 8:57 PM | Anonymous

    It's 2020 and it's election time again!

    While the Cobb GOP has spent 2019 training and organizing, 2020 will be time to reach down and put all we have learned and all we have organized into effect.

    We kicked off 2020 with what is possibly the largest Cobb GOP breakfast ever. Selling out 4 days before didn't stop people from travelling, some over 100 miles, to attend the breakfast!

    In addition to a fantastic visit by our new Senator, who will be sworn in by Vice-President Mike Pence today, we premiered our 2020 "Pumped for Trump" Hype video!

    Be sure to watch and share!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2017 11:24 PM | Anonymous

    This week we remembered the nearly 3,000 who lost their lives 16 years ago on September 11, 2001. This year, that remembrance came again at a time of national strife as Hurricane Irma bared down on Florida and Georgia. It is at times like these that we truly see the greatness of Americans. 

    Sixteen years ago, Americans came together and stood as one against a common enemy. We also pitched in and volunteered, donated our time and funds to help shattered lives begin to rebuild.    

    We saw that same spirit again last week after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. We will see that again in the aftermath of Irma. The media would love to continue to portray an American that's hopelessly divided, but when faced with adversity, we find an American that is hopefully united. 

    Please continue to keep those still trying to recover from Harvey and now Irma in your thoughts and prayers and we will also be posting on our Facebook page ways you can help out.

    Also, see below for a great event for Congressman Barry Loudermilk on Saturday. You may have heard that Barry and his wife Desiree were involved in a rollover crash in Tennessee today, but, thankfully, neither were injured. 

    Have a great Republican week!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb GOP

  • Tuesday, August 15, 2017 11:09 PM | Anonymous

    This weekend our nation was rocked by news of violence surrounding a white supremacist march and counter-march in Charlottesville, VA. Many on the right were quick to condemn, almost as quick as the media and the American left was to lay the blame at the feet of President Trump. The reason is the American left and the media are quick to call these groups "right-winged." That may be true when you talk about the European definition of "right-winged" which is synonymous with "authoritarianism."  

    In the America definition, this is false.

    In the American experience, the "right" champions rugged individualism and rejects the idea that people are nothing more than a group they belong to. 

    These Nazis want the government to get rid of everyone not them (blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Catholics, etc) which requires a pretty big government accomplish their goals. This is preciously why conservative Republicans abhor big government. It is in totalitarian states, not Constitutional Republics, where people's rights to life, liberty, and property can be taken away because those in charge of the government define them as "inferior."

    I received a very stark reminder of that when I visited the Auschwitz Concentration Camp this past summer. There, on the wall of the Dutch memorial to their victims of the Holocaust were the names of my great-great uncle, aunt, and their children. His sister, my great-grandmother, came to America. He didn't. He and his family died in Nazi gas chambers in the fall of 1943.

    The left is not even immune to these types of protests at their own events as Cobb County Democratic State Representative Stacey Evans, a candidate for Georgia Governor, was shouted down at the progressive NetRoots Convention in Atlanta this weekend. These supporters of her Democratic Primary opponent, Stacey Abrams, carried signs and shouted messages like, "support black women."

    Evans had to give up and leave the stage without being able to speak, but Abrams is refusing to condemn the actions of her supporters. Liberal State Senator Nan Orrock even took up for Abrams posting on her Facebook page, "[W]hy is Stacey Abrams expected to disavow a protest she did not organize? Whether you disagree with their actions or not, please understand that protestors <sic> make their own decisions to exercise the right to independently organize and act, particularly at a progressive conference for activists..."

    Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican U.S. Senator made the same statement about Donald Trump and the white supremacists in Virginia?

    This reminds me of the crickets from the left in 2002 when State Representative Billy McKinney, father of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, blamed her loss on the, "J-E-W-S." McKinney wasn't condemned, far from it. In fact, a portion of I-285 in Fulton and Cobb Counties is still named for him.

    We are reminded it is the left which turns to scapegoats when their socialist policies fail to create the worker's paradise on Earth they have sold to their willing victims. That's why the path of socialism always eventually leads to the gulag and the concentration camp. 

    While Republicans should condemn and, in fact, are condemning, what is happening in our nation at the hands of domestic terrorists, and should name the names and the groups responsible, we should also be quick to add which side of the political spectrum this violence comes from, and it's not the American right, whose very DNA rejects the policy of hyphenated Americanism.

    Just because they wear "MAGA" hats does not make them part of us any more than buying camouflage at a hunting store and sewing a patch that says "Army" onto the sleeve would make one a soldier. 

    Oh, and never forget, you can't spell "NAZI" without "National Socialism." 

    If you agree, and you have not joined the Cobb County Republican Party, then we need your help standing up for our freedoms and conservative, Republican values. Join or rejoin the Cobb GOP today! The invite a friend to join with you.

    The above statement reflects my views and my views only and not necessarily the views of the other officers, leaders, and members of the Cobb County Republican Party.

    Have a great Republican week!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb GOP

  • Wednesday, July 26, 2017 11:01 PM | Anonymous

    Great news. Last night the Cobb Board of Commissioner voted 3-2 to keep the millage rate the same. Thanks to Commissioners Birrell, Ott, and Weatherford who stood the line against the tax increase.

    We will also be having our first training for House District and Precinct officers. The training will be held Saturday, August 19 from 9AM-1PM at Cobb GOP headquarters. The training and lunch are free, but we need to have a headcount to prepare. Please click here to get your free ticket and register for the training. TRAINING IS CRITICAL TO HELP YOU PREPARE YOUR PRECINCT FOR 2018! 

    Remember, Pre-orders are now open for our Saturday, August 5th breakfast, which is returning after a 2-month hiatus due to the State GOP Convention and July 4th. Our speaker is the winner of our straw poll for Secretary of State, State Rep. Buzz Brockway. Before being elected to the State House in 2010, Rep. Brockway served as Chairman of the Gwinnett County Republican Party, a candidate who like so many of us, got his start serving at the grassroots. We also will have a very special surprise guest who you will not want to miss!

    Save $2 on breakfast by getting your ticket early, or RSVP for a free ticket which does not include breakfast to save a spot. See below for more information!

    Have a great Republican week!

    Yours in Freedom,


    Jason Shepherd

    Chairman, Cobb GOP

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